This form is displayed when form=#mailform is displayed by a pmform target.

(:template defaults successpage='' :)
(:input pmform target={$$target} successpage={$$versendet} :)
(:input default request=1:)
||$[Deine Email Adresse]: ||(:input text from size=30:) ||
||$[Betreff]:      ||(:input text subject size=30:) ||
(:input textarea text rows=8 cols=60:)\\
{$Captcha} (:input captcha:) \\
(:input submit name=post value='$[Absenden]':)
(:input end:)

This specifies the message to be sent when fmt=#mailpost is given by a pmform target. It verifies the existence of a from address, subject, and message text.

(:template require from errmsg="$[Keine Absenderadresse, bitte Deine Email eingeben.]" :)
(:template require subject errmsg="$[Kein Betreff, bitte einen Betreff eingeben]" :)
(:template require text errmsg="$[Kein Nachrichtentext]" :) 
(:template require if="captcha" errmsg="$[<red>Captcha nicht eingegeben, oder falsch</red>]" :)



Sent via PmForm at {$$PageUrl}
(:input pmform target=comments:)
(:input default request=1:)
(:input default author "{$Author}" :)
'''Post a comment:'''
Name: (:input text author:) \\
Comments: \\
(:input textarea text rows=10 cols=40:) \\
(:input submit name=post value="$[Post]" :)
(:input end:)
(:template defaults where=above :) 
(:template require author errmsg="$[Missing name]":)
-> Posted by {$$author} on {$$CurrentTime}